Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We Explore Favorite Artist Il Sung Na

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce Leo Il Sung Na and his art
    • Encourage building motor skills
    • Encourage experimenting with artistic techniques
    • Attendance: 20
Art Project Part 1: Collage and water colors (10-10:15)
I encouraged them to do the watercolors first and then add the paper pieces with small dots of glue.
  • Supplies
    • Watercolor pencils
    • Scrapbooking paper
    • Paintbrushes, scissors, glue, water cups
Storytime/Snacktime (10:15-10:40)
Sing the Storytime Song to call people to the rug
This is a new artist for this series, but I've used his books in other storytimes before. We ended up talking more about the books than the art specifically - especially habitats and finding animals in the pictures. Several kids were very into discussing patterns though.
  • Books
    • Thingamabob
    • Hide & Seek
    • Welcome Home Bear
    • Opposite Zoo
  • Supplies
    • Fruit Loops
    • Dixie cups and napkins
Art Project Part 2: Painting (10:45-11)
I was able to add Il Sung Na as an artist because he branched out into a new painting technique in Opposite Zoo.
  • Supplies
    • Paint, paper, brushes
  • 6-29-16
    • Attendance: 25
    • Notes: I wasn't sure if I should pre-cut the pieces into shapes, but decided to let the kids use their own imagination. They didn't do a lot with watercolor pencils, but one was very excited about it. No books checked out this time, but everyone really liked the program.

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