Friday, June 24, 2016

Get Ready for Kindergarten (Safety Town)

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kindergarteners to the library
    • Encourage return visits throughout the school year
    • Remind kindergarteners about library safety
Activities (30 minutes each)
  • Storytime with Ms. Pattie
  • Sensory bottles (Makenna)
    • mini water bottles, sparkles etc.
    • funnels, duct tape
  • Lotto Tour
    • Pearl (reading dog/dog safety) is a stop
  • Dance with Toe to Toe Ballet
  • 11-11:30: Snack
  • 6-24-16
    • Attendance: 4 classes, plus teachers, aides, and middle school helpers. 90 total
    • Something went wrong with our communication and the dancers didn't show up - we quick put on some Wiggles movies for that segment. Pearl was a big hit and made a nice segue into why we don't touch the hamster. It was exhausting, it was awesome.
  • 6-26-15
    • Attendance: 4 classes, plus teachers, aides, and middle school helpers. 100 total
    • Notes: Remember to have funnels for the dirt, or pre-fill them.
    • Lotto Tour
      • I handled the tours; there are supposed to be safety tips for the police officer to do, but he wasn't able to come so I did them myself. Note to self: my stranger danger talk lacks conviction. I'm much better about the possibly disastrous consequences of running on the ramp. We start with putting pennies in the wishing well.
    • Storytime
      • Ms. Pattie did storytime. I gave her We Are In A Book by Mo Willems, Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson and the three cat books by Viviane Schwarz and then I think she added various activities of her own.
    • Snack/planting
      • The kids had a snack and watched "Officer Buckle and Gloria" and then took their water bottles to plant bean seeds and decorated them with glitter glue and stickers.
    • Dancing - our local ballet school did short dance classes with each group.
  • 6-18-14
    • In the past, I've arranged with individual teachers to visit the summer school kindergarteners and do a storytime. This is fun but exhausting, as I end up doing 4-5 storytimes back to back without a break. This year, with a lot of work from various groups, we arranged the first ever field trip for the summer school kindergarteners - the library! Safety Town is the program that's run for all the kindergarteners in summer school, so they will be learning about bus safety and accompanied by a police officer as part of the program. I also supplied a bibliography and books as resources for Safety Town. So, after I had said (multiple times) how it never rained on my rained. It POURED. So the schedule was kind of screwed up, but it worked well anyways, we just had to cut things short and adjust things a bit. Next year I want to have a big book or something to throw up on the screen for Officer Buckle and Gloria and we need to adapt the science program for fewer adults - styrofoam bowls they can pop the sticks in, and smaller waterproof plates and possibly more staff - the water experiments need a little more adult help than one teacher and one aide can do for 20 kids. If we'd done it outside I'd meant to have chalk as well while the kids waited to be helped, but I think changing the project so they can do more independently would be even better (precut the sails and attach them to the sticks so they just pop them in and then they can test putting stuff in the bowls to make them heavier! Genius!)

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