Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Reading: 2016 Edition

I'll be updating this over the next month, especially adding more details about the activity bags.

Every year I tweak summer reading a little more. This year, thanks to a generous donation from our Friends, I was able to give out bags and I used an idea from a conference - labels instead of registration. I also started putting together activity packs for prizes - my hope is to eventually completely replace food coupons. I also split the programs in two (passes halfway through and a book at the end) and expanded the younger kids program to include 3s and 4s. I have basic instructions for any staff who need to refer to something.

Ready, Set, Read
On Your Mark, Get Set, Read
  • Ages 5-12
  • Bags (I printed labels with the schools on them and counted those instead of bags)
  • Kids can choose a prize at registration (prizes donated by a local artist - bookmarks etc.)
  • Halfway prize - passes to local attractions
    • Old World Wisconsin
    • Milwaukee Museum and Planetarium
    • Country Springs Water Park (bogo)
    • MKE Wave
  • July/August reading calendar
  • Free book as final prize
Both of these programs get the same incentives. Every five days that are marked off (reading or literacy activities) they get a sticker. Every week they visit the library they get a "surprise". They can accumulate stickers but not weekly surprises. I call them surprises so that I don't have to plan them in advance!
  • 6th grade and up
  • Bags (I did have teens register so I could match them up with names when they won)
  • Teens can choose a prize at registration (prizes donated by a local artist - bookmarks etc.)
  • Teens put their checkout receipts (or a small form) into a box and I draw names from it each week. Their prizes are books and candy bars.
Summer Reading Outreach


Laura said...

Can you tell me more about labels instead of registration? Last year, I simply made a certain number of copies of the logs, counted the ones that were left at the end of the summer, and called the difference the number of people who had signed up. It was ... perhaps accurate...? I'd be interested to hear about the label thing. Thanks for your great ideas!

Jennifer said...

Yes! So, my idea, which I adapted, was that I'm going to print out sheets of labels for each school. When the kid comes to sign up, we ask them what school, stick on that label, and bam they're registered. I'll count how many labels we use and that's the number. I really only have three schools so it will be easy to track! So basically the same thing you did!

Laura said...

Yay, thank you! Good luck!! :-)