Thursday, April 28, 2016

Four year old kindergarten field trip: Pete the Cat

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library
    • Offer a memorable storytime with familiar characters

10-15 Minute Tour
  • Focus on children's area; hamster, Chick Central, and neighborhoods
40 Minute Storytime
  • Groovy buttons
    • Die-cut circles with holes punched
    • Ribbon
    • Markers
    • Kids decorate their buttons and string them
  • Art book covers
    • Pre-printed book covers "Pete the Cat and His ____ by ____
    • Markers
  • Storytime
    • Pete the Cat: I love my white Shoes
    • Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons
    • Pete the Cat rocking in my school shoes
    • Pete the Cat and his magic sunglasses
  • Create art books
    • Construction paper
    • Watercolor pencils
    • Water cups and brushes
    • Stapler
    • Kids draw pictures and brush over them with water, then we staple all the pictures together to make books.
10 Minutes Final Activities
  • Pennies in the wishing well

  • 4-27-16; 4-28-16
    • Attendance: 3 classes, approx. 50 kids
      • Added the groovy buttons craft - for the group that was more wiggly I strung them ahead of time.
  • 4-28-15; 4-30-15
    • Attendance: 3 classes, approx. 50 kids
      • This worked really well! Some groups were a little late, but we had time for almost everything. Many of the kids had never visited the library before.

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