Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Middle School Madness: Paint

  • Program Goals
    • Reach middle school students
    • Build relationships with after school center
    • Circulate materials
The last time I visited they requested a painting project. I had a bunch of mini pots I'd purchased with no clear idea in mind and figured this would work for them.

  • mini pots
  • acrylic paint, brushes
  • paper plates, tablecloth, paper towels

  • 2-23-16
    • Attendance: 35
    • Feedback/Connections: I need to bring more regular superhero comics I think. Also, Lumberjanes 3.
    • Notes: Bring wipes. Teens are messier than little kids.
  • 1-26-16
    • Attendance: 20
    • Feedback/Connections: There were 20-30 kids in the building and about...7? actively participated. Others hung out and chatted, watched, played with the Osmo, were sad that this was the ONE time I did not bring books (somebody has been waiting to read Lumberjanes 2)
    • Notes: I really wish I had a hot plate, it would be a lot easier than the iron.

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