Saturday, January 9, 2016

Butterfly Celebration

  • Program Goals
    • Offer a Saturday program to kick off the winter/spring program session
    • Offer an all-ages program to cheer up the winter and get people thinking about the library as a destination
    • Attendance: 35
Project: Decorate butterfly wings, masks, and wands

How it works: Put everything out. Watch the glitter.

  • Butterfly wings from Discount School Supply (I bought over 100, part of my new "buy more than you think you'll need and you can use the extra later" theory of supplies)
  • Butterfly masks (cut from custom die cut)
  • Small paper butterflies (die cut)
  • Popsicle sticks (regular and large)
  • Decorations - ribbon, jewels, sequins, feathers, etc.
  • Tape, glue, glitter glue, markers, crayons, staplers, scissors
  • Tablecloths
Game: Butterfly matching game

Display: Butterfly books

  • 1-9-16
    • Attendance: 30
    • Connections/Feedback: A couple parents were really happy that I am offering more weekend programs. Some grandparents taking over bringing their kids to programs. A couple new families that were very excited to see that something was happening.
    • Notes: This was laid-back and casual, which was good because my staffing has been weird this week and I forgot we'd have to move all the tables. A lot of the butterfly books checked out. Also, it started snowing halfway through the program, so the smaller turn-out wasn't a surprise.
  • 1-10-15
    • Attendance: 49
    • Connections/Feedback: Connected with several new families - some new to the library/programs, others new to the area. Lots of people interested in hearing about the new programs this winter/spring.
    • Notes: I originally offered this on a Saturday in 2012 but there was a low turn out. The last two years I've done it as a Messy Art Club with 40-50 attending. I knew moving it back to a Saturday would drop the numbers and I was prepared for that, especially with the unpredictable weather. The weather turned out nice and we had a large group. Some of my supplies hadn't come in time so we didn't really have suncatchers, but nobody really cared. I had some leftover snacks for people to take as they left.
  • 1-23-14
    • Attendance: 60
    • Notes: (Offered on Thursday) This is now an annual program! I actually did something in 2012 too - back to school with butterflies or something. I adjusted some of the materials we used, but the basic program remains the same - butterfly wings, masks, and tons of glitter and sparkle. This year I added my Butterfly Game and a bigger book display and that went well.
    • 2013: Emily shows off her awesome mask
  • 1-31-13
    • Attendance: 50
    • Notes: (offered on Thursday) I always like to do some butterfly programs/storytimes around this time of year to cheer up the winter for those people who find it depressing. I was thrilled when I found affordable butterfly wings online! However, on the day of the program my aide was snowed in. I got some other people to help, but still stayed until 6 cleaning up and wasn't done. Despite the bad weather, about 50 people came. Someone asked for googly eyes, but I didn't have any. I also brought over glue dots at the last minute for the buttons. I think I would have had even more people if the weather had been nicer. Nobody really checked any books out, but they looked at them.

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