Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Middle School Madness: Dangerous Art!

  • Program Goals
    • Reach middle school students
    • Build relationships with after school center
    • Circulate materials

I started visiting our local after school center (It's a volunteer-run religious group that shares space with the school. It's complicated) last fall. The kids' interest in the books I've brought varies - they prefer graphic novels they can skim through on the spot - but their enthusiasm for the art projects I've brought has been high. I told all the kids this was DANGEROUS and of course that made it more exciting.

  • old crayons
  • glue, pencil sharpeners, paper clips
  • pasteboard squares and strips (donated), paper, foil, freezer paper
  • iron, embossing heat tool (mine - brought it to share)
We basically fiddled around and melted stuff. The kids got really into making a crayon melt - they lined up a row of peeled crayons on a strip of pasteboard and melted them onto it, then held it against the foil and used the embossing tool to make them drip!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Butterfly Celebration

  • Program Goals
    • Offer a Saturday program to kick off the winter/spring program session
    • Offer an all-ages program to cheer up the winter and get people thinking about the library as a destination
    • Attendance: 35
Project: Decorate butterfly wings, masks, and wands

How it works: Put everything out. Watch the glitter.

  • Butterfly wings from Discount School Supply (I bought over 100, part of my new "buy more than you think you'll need and you can use the extra later" theory of supplies)
  • Butterfly masks (cut from custom die cut)
  • Small paper butterflies (die cut)
  • Popsicle sticks (regular and large)
  • Decorations - ribbon, jewels, sequins, feathers, etc.
  • Tape, glue, glitter glue, markers, crayons, staplers, scissors
  • Tablecloths
Game: Butterfly matching game

Display: Butterfly books