Friday, December 14, 2018

Outreach Storytime: Winter Holidays

  • Program Goals
    • Offer a neutral holiday storytime
    • Learn about animals in winter
    • Distribute handout to encourage kids to visit the library (my associate had the great idea to copy and share the soup recipe from Soup Day - do this next year!)
Toddlers (*nonfiction)
  • *Kitten's Winter by Eugenie Fernandes (blown-up pictures on magnets) (2018)
  • *Soup Day by Melissa Iwai (2018)
  • (1 copy) Bear stays up for Christmas by Karma Wilson (2018)
Preschool and Kindergarten (*nonfiction)
  • Turkey Claus by Wendi Silvano
  • Very Fuddles Christmas by Fran Vischer (2018)
  • Christmas Wombat by Jackie French (2018)
  • (1 copy) Waiting for winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser (2018)
Long stories (*nonfiction)
  • (1 copy) Sister bear by Jane Yolen (*2018)
  • Millie in the snow by Alexander Steffensmeier
  • Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve by Jan Brett
Movement and Music
Flannelboards and Activities
Vocabulary and Learning Objectives

  • Identify North American winter animals
  • Prove to the kids that yes, wombats are a real thing
  • Observation of detail, cause and effect


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