Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Outreach Storytime: Winter Holidays

  • Program Goals
    • Offer a neutral holiday storytime
    • Learn about animals in winter
    • Distribute handout to encourage kids to visit the library
Books - older
  • Sister bear by Jane Yolen
  • Millie in the snow by Alexander Steffensmeier
  • Turkey Claus by Wendi Silvano
  • Very Fuddles Christmas by Fran Vischer
  • Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve by Jan Brett
Books - younger
  • Soup Day by Melissa Iwai
  • Christmas Wombat by Jackie French
  • Waiting for winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser
  • Bear stays up for Christmas by Karma Wilson
  • Kitten's Winter by Eugenie Fernandes

  • 2015
    • 12-15-15
      • 12:30, Tibbets (5K) (20) (Judy)
      • 1pm, Tibbets (5K) (20) (Maureen)
      • 1:30, Tibbets (5K) (20) (Erica)
    • 12-9-15
      • 9:30, TLC (4K) (13) (Kellie)
      • 10, TLC (4K) (12) (Teresa)
      • 10:30, TLC (3s) (10) (Sam)
      • 1pm, TLC (afternoon 4K) (Kellie)
      • 1:30, TLC (afternoon 4K) (Teresa)
    • 12-1-15
      • 9am, LLL (4K) (25) (Tiffany)
      • 9:30, LLL (4K) (25) (Lauren)
      • 10am, LLL (4K) (25) (Jamie)
      • 2:10, LLL (afternoon 4K) (Tiffany)
  • 2014 Notes
    • TLC afternoon (4K) (8): I took our temping reference associate with me. Despite my sinus infection, I didn't lose my voice and the kids sat still for Sister Bear, loved Christmas Wombat and the whole program went well.
    • Tibbets Kindergarten (Gunderson) (20): The schedule for my kindergarten visits has changed - it's now Tuesday early afternoon and I'm visiting the classes in the exact opposite order! This class is always a bit wiggly but they were off the walls today. The teacher said next year she'd try to make sure I didn't visit after the holiday program rehearsal. I was also really frustrated that my Who would like a Christmas tree pieces, which I'd put magnets on just last week, lost their magnets so fast (not the kids' fault). I was pretty hoarse by the time this group was done.
    • Tibbets Kindergarten (Shively-Smith) (20): The teacher let me know right before I started that they had a child that did not do Christmas, so no Christmas books. This would have been helpful to know earlier, back when I contacted all the teachers before I came, but probably the parents hadn't told her at that point either (and the Christmas Wombat knows plenty of things slip my mind as well). This is why I take mostly neutral books. I did Who would like a Christmas tree (without the flannel board) and trying to remember to talk about pine trees, not Christmas trees and skipping the part at the end about December. I did Sister Bear and just said "midwinter" in place of the couple instances of Christmas and Waiting for Winter. We melted as snowmen and then, since they were all on the floor, did "Hop Hop Little Bunnies."
    • Tibbets Kindergarten (Buechel) (20): This class had a substitute and were very consciously being "good for the special teacher" so it was pretty smooth sailing (except for the farting incident). Lots of "it's a bear!" wombat skeptics though.
    • TLC morning (4K) (Amanda) (13): Quite well-behaved and the blend I tried - Waiting for winter to "five little snowmen" to "hop hop little bunnies" to "five little cookies" and then the ending song worked really well. When I read Sister Bear they all told me "that was a GOOD story"
    • TLC morning (4K) (Emily) (13): Not so well-behaved. Last minutes of storytime devoted to battle of wills with naughty four year old who kept disrupting storytime by yelling "POOP". Like the wombat, I won. Mostly.
    • TLC morning (3 yr olds) (12): Started on a low note with a shoving match while they cleaned up the rug for storytime and a child who started yelling "I DON'T LIKE THE LIBRARIAN" but we recovered and had a fun storytime (albeit somewhat sniffly from the back).
    • Note to self - schedule December outreach visits earlier or not at all next year. Oy.
  • 2013 Notes
    • TLC afternoon (4K) (15): The youngest/wiggliest class. Christmas Wombat they found funny, Five Little Snowman got very hectic - lots of "I can't seeeee", abridged Story of SnowFootprints in the Snow, Millie in the Snow. They wanted to do "Hop little bunnies" but my neck and back were hurting so I did the closing song instead a couple times.
    • TLC morning (4K) (Kate): This group is still obsessed with the length of the stories. They want to know before every book how long it will be.
    • TLC morning (4K) (Emily): In this class I encountered the WOMBAT SKEPTICS. Nothing I could say would convince them that the wombat in Christmas Wombat was a real animal. They were sure it was a bear and I was just calling it a silly  name. Oy. I will have to bring my marsupial book next time.
    • Tibbets Kindergarten (Buechel) (20): I had to cut this a bit short as I needed to be at the youth services committee. They were a bit restless, but I didn't want to try to do any movement, since they were all eating cookies while I was reading aloud.


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