Friday, August 21, 2015

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

I adapted the materials used at La Crosse by Marge Loch-Wouters and it's worked very well for us. Of course, every year I update it a little!

Each child, ages 0-5, gets a folder with a sticky label on it and the first log (1-51). I sometimes hand them out through daycares/preschools, but generally I depend on in-house marketing and talking to new families after storytime, etc.

  • Folders (bought in bulk at back to school sales)
  • Sticky labels (printed at a local print shop and I have a lifetime supply because I couldn't find them and had more printed!)
  • First log, 1-51
  • I have flyers up around the library and at a few places in town.
How it works - parents read to their child, they color in one petal for each book read and write the titles on the back. They bring in their sheet and get a special sticker for each flower completed (10 books) and the next log. When they reach 1,000 books, we take a picture and they get to pick a free picture book. If we remember, when they come back in for the first time we add their name to a little laminated square and put them on the growth chart.

  • Stickers - favorites are the foam stickers from S&S Worldwide but I also use summer reading stickers and stickers scavenged from our tv tie-in tub books.
  • Books - collected from donations, review copies, and a few trips to Scholastic Warehouse sales
I've updated this several times to make it simpler, to take out unnecessary stats (do I really need to know how many stickers I give out?) and more interactive with fun ideas from my associate who suggested the growth chart.

People often ask if it's ok to re-read books, what if they forget to write them down, etc. It's all good! I don't have time or the inclination to police the finer points and I don't really care. The big thing is that families are reading and kids are getting fun stickers.

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