Friday, July 31, 2015

We Explore Nature: Harvest

  • Program Goals
    • Offer a summer storytime for a wide range of ages
    • Encourage outdoor experience and involvement in the gardens
    • Attendance: 25
Storytime: 10-10:30
We didn't get anybody until nearly 10:20. I did Denise Fleming's Lunch, except the mouse was checked out so we used a bunny. Then we read In the garden, who's been here and played the Fruit Slices game.

Craft time: 10:30-11:30
I had another volunteer cut the bottoms of my vast collection of water jugs and the kids turned them into birdfeeders. We had little baggies of seed for them to take home.

Picnic/Outdoor time: 11-12

HOT. I got a few kids out to help water. Next year I'm putting someone else in charge of the outdoor portion. I hate outdoors in the summer. One tomato plant had some purple tomatoes almost ready, but that was it.

  • 7-31-15
    • Attendance: 21

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