Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Preschool Interactive: Spring into ABCs

  • Program Goals
    • Model early literacy skills through stories and art
    • Offer a program at a new time (early afternoon) to meet the needs of 4K students
    • Learn about letters
    • Attendance: 15
  • Evaluation
    • 5-6-15
      • Attendance: 6
      • Feedback/Connections
      • Notes: That's it, the last preschool storytime. This program is officially discontinued now. Sad, but inevitable.
    • 3-13-13: We had a long discussion about letters (the kids loved it when we said their names with no e's) and we read Fabulous Fishes twice, once repeating, once identifying the fishes. So, we didn't have time for the frog book and song, but the kids loved the sand art.
    • 2-29-12: I just can't win with the weather. Several kids pointed out "it's not snowing!" when I taught them the snow rhyme. E-mergency worked better than I had expected, we talked about what our names would sound like with no E. I read I Spy with my little eye by Edward Gibbs instead of doing the goldfish song. Best was the flannelboard/puppet version of I'm the biggest thing in the ocean. Lots of kids made squids with their tape.
Dancing time and name tags: "Boots" by Laurie Berkner from Victor Vito

Opening name song: The more we get together

Early Literacy Aside: Letter Knowledge is knowing the same letter can look different, that letters have names and are related to sounds. (Put flannel vowels on board). Identify letters. Who knows what sounds these letters make? What would happen if we lost all the sounds E makes?

Long story: E-mergency by Tom Lichtenheld

Movement/flannelboard: ABC stop song

Nonfiction: Animal ABC by Marcus Pfister

Short stories
Caveman: A B. C. Story by Janee Trasler
Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray

Closing song: Sunny Day

Process art: Fingerpaint

Prep: Paper plates, aprons, fingerpaint, wipes

Kids finger paint on paper plates

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