Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Under the Sea

Every year we have a huge party in April. It's a collaboration with my colleague from the school district's Parent Connections organization (who does most of my baby and toddler storytime) and the three four year old kindergartens in the area. This year we did an Under the Sea theme. I told my associate to decorate the library over spring break and we'd leave everything up for the month. 
Jellyfish on the ceiling, created by Jess

Under the sea decor by Jess

The desk under the sea!

Close up of a rainbow fish (not THE rainbow fish, b/c ugh)

Just crabbing around

More seaweed

Fish floating through seaweed at the windows

facepaint and tattoo stations ready

Flippers leading to...

this! I wanted to use our old magazine shelf and
asked Jess to come up with something that would
promote beginning chapter books.

Getting ready

craft tables

The giant cardboard creations were done by one of our
circulation clerks, with help from her family. The mermaid
was a HUGE hit.

Their jellyfish also got a lot of love and awe.

Thank you board for our donors, created by Pattie

kinetic sand

Treasure box

cornmeal "sand"

Pattie made a board of all the things there are to do

Treasure box open

"sand" and shells to look at

Shells to dig for and keep as prizes

Diver from the sheriff's department

digging for shells

Investigating the treasure box

Petsmart table with live betta fish

The fish game - kids made a "fishing pole" at the craft tables,
fished for a flannel sea creature, then decorated it at the craft tables

some kind of sea creature from a local bank

one of our 4K teachers face paints

another 4K teacher (and library board member)

a line for the tattoo and face painting tables

decorating the catch from the fishing pool
playing with kinetic sand

lunch - starfish-shaped chicken nuggets, grapes, bananas, and goldfish crackers

a break for some quiet reading

the treasure box was VERY popular, even if they didn't get to keep the treasures

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