Thursday, April 23, 2015

Outreach Storytime: Rain, Rain, don't go away!

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage library visits
    • Build relationships with students and teachers
    • Teach kids about weather
  • Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema
  • The Big Storm by Nancy Tafuri
  • Mushroom in the rain by Mirra Ginsburg
  • When rain falls by Melissa Stewart
  • Boom! Boom! Boom! by Jamie Swenson
  • Cloudette by Tom Lichtenheld
  • Waiting out the storm by Joann Macken
Early Literacy Skills/Vocabulary/Concepts: Repetition, animal habits in rain, counting

  • I took mini flyers for the final spring program, Dance into Summer.
  • I took elephant bookmarks and told the kids they had good elephant ears for listening (even if they hadn't listened...positive reinforcement!)
  • 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten folders for the three year old class at TLC
Remote Collections
  • 4 baskets, approximately 100 items, plus requests
  • Weather, rain, spring, chicks and eggs, and oceans
  • Requests - zoos, insects

2015 Notes
  • 4-21, 12: Tibbets 5K (Gunderson)
    • A short class, but they were very well-behaved for our last visit and excited about getting their elephant bookmarks.
  • 4-21, 12:30: Tibbets 5K (Shively-Smith)
    • I tried an interactive version of Mushroom in the Rain which kind of fell flat.
  • 4-21, 1: Tibbets 5K (Buechel)
    • I just read it for this class. I also read Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain and was amazed at the absolute silence that fell as they listened.
  • 4-22, 1:30: TLC 4K (Emily)
    • The kids were kind of sleepy. So was I.
  • 4-22, 2:15: LLL 4K (Jen)
    • They'd forgotten I was coming, but flexed around me anyways. I did impromptu motions for Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain which worked well.
  • 4-23, 9:30: TLC 4K (Amanda)
    • They absolutely loved Boom Boom Boom but were loudly curious about why Bringing the Rain repeated itself.
  • 4-23, 10: TLC 4K (Emily)
    • We were wiggly, and I finally moved all the kids into a formation that worked better for storytime. We did Quiet Loud and the ABC Stop Song because we were so wiggly.
  • 4-23, 10:30: TLC 3s
    • Quite a large group, many kids I'd never seen before. There was some confusion over who, exactly, I was and some distress at whether or not I was going to be the new teacher. We did Quiet Loud and one wanted the "bunny song" but we didn't have time.
2014 Notes
  • 4-17-13: 4K Class at The Learning Curve
    • I'm crazy with summer prep and outreach, so I just collected a bunch of fun books. The daycare told me in the beginning I didn't have to stick to their themes, although I usually try. We talked about the rain and what we do when it rains, then read When Rain Falls. Then we read Not your typical dragon which was a little long and I don't think they "got" the whole thing, but they enjoyed it. Much to their delight, we did my flannelboard of I'm the biggest thing in the ocean than everyone wanted to touch the whale puppet, then we sang "the animals in the ocean." Despite my reminder that "crabs don't pinch other crabs" we were very wiggly and pinchy, so I calmed them down with "open shut them" and we read Nugget and Fang.
  • 4-28-13: 4K Classes at The Learning Curve
    • First class was pretty calm and I did the same thing as yesterday. The only weird thing was when I was telling them I had to go see their friends in the other class and they all informed me that "they have a BULLY in their classroom" like it was chickenpox or something!
    • Second class was squirrely, as always. A bunch of little girls in this class (and in Wednesday's class) are going through a "squeal at anything yucky" phase which drives me up the wall, and apparently their teacher too. We commiserated on trying to explain about saltwater crocodiles. I didn't read Not your typical dragon to this class because there's a little boy who's still learning English and it's very text-heavy. I read Cloudette and Alfie is not afraid instead. To my surprise, they really "got" Alfie and loved it - I'll have to buy that one.
  • 4-28-13: Tibbets Kindergarten Class
    • It's been a while since I've actually seen the kindergarten teacher, it's been mostly subs. We're going to have to pick a different day next year because of schedule changes and we talked about maybe setting aside one morning and I could do all the kindergarten classes in turn instead of just this one class. They were very wiggly (too much rain!) but the broken stapler was NOT my fault.
    • We read Alfie is not Afraid, Awesome Dawson (my robot cow voice was much admired), Not your typical dragon, I'm the biggest thing in the ocean (this was a little young for them, but everyone loves the whale puppet), sang "Animals in the ocean" and "Open Shut Them" and read Nugget and Fang

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