Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Display: Teen Graphics

My new associate is amazing at displays. I am not. I've never quite gotten over my personally reservations about things that don't seem "practical" (you will see few if any decorations at my programs), plus I'm generally insanely busy with at least 5 projects in progress and an unlimited to do list, with more projects to work on if I ever get the time. Plus and in addition, I suck at displays. I have no sense of layout or graphics, no art abilities, and....yeah. So my end cap display was the two signs you see below and a print-out of new graphic novels. Taped to the shelf.
However. I can see how displays brighten up and improve the collection, make the area more welcoming, add interest, and are just generally a Good Idea. This was one of the things I wanted my new associate to focus on and she's doing an amazing job. She took my lame-o signs off, covered the shelf with manga, created superhero backgrounds for the letters, and improved my signs with a border. Voila!

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