Friday, September 4, 2015

Birdwatching/Art Station

I thought the birdwatching station was a great idea. I still plan to keep it, and hope to expand it to include a hummingbird feeder and possibly attract something other than sparrows, but it turned out that all people really wanted was coloring pages. Since I started it in May 2014, only about 5 kids have written in the log. 
So, I revamped it! We still have a birdwatching station, with log. But I also extended it to add an art station.
I made the birdwatching station just the display shelf, log, and signage. I brought a table over to be the art station, put up a sign, and printed a variety of coloring sheets, both "story starter" kind of things and actual coloring sheets, mostly animals. Hopefully people will not just pick up the whole stack and walk away...

The old birdwatching station

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