Friday, September 26, 2014

We Explore Nature: Birds

  • Program Goals: 
    • Learn about birds
    • Encourage use of library birdwatching station
    • Encourage children to go outside and explore
    • Develop early literacy skills
    • 20 parents and children in attendance
  • Attendance: 17
  • Connections/Feedback: I haven't reached the attendance goal, but this was an awesome group, new people, the kids enjoyed it, and we all learned what "oviparous" means!
  • Notes for the future: 
    • 9-26-14: I am always torn between doing younger activities/stories because I have toddlers, or sticking to the original idea which is that I'm creating these primarily to use in outreach and just testing them here. I ended up planning this the day before so wasn't able to request a lot of the books I wanted (checked out) and also didn't have time to finish the Little Bird flannel board I wanted to use.
Project 1: Creating bird puppets and bird flocks (10-10:15)
Kids label their space with a nametag, and decorate the birds and tape them to their popsicle sticks. They also decorate the birds, tape them to ribbons, tape the ribbons to a popsicle stick, to create a "flock" of birds that fly when they run with the streamer.
  • Supplies
    • file labels (name tags)
    • Die cut bird shapes
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Ribbon, feathers
    • Tape, markers, crayons
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:40
Collect everyone with the Storytime Song, ask parents to pass out snack while we read a story. Lots of discussion of birds' habits and different kinds of birds
  • Books
    • A Bird's Life by Ellen Lawrence
    • The Long, Long journey by Sandra Markle
    • Mama built a little nest by Jennifer Ward
    • About birds by Cathryn Sill
    • Nest by Jorey Hurley
    • Froodle by Antoinette Portis
  • Flannelboard/Movement
  • Snack
    • pretzels, apples
    • napkins
Project 2: Wings (10:40-11)
I have precut cardboard wings that I use for butterfly programs (so they're not really the right shape for birds) but we made our own wings anyways. With a really large group I'd probably change this out for something else - making nests out of yarn or something.
  • Supplies
    • Cardboard wings
    • Decorations (used tubs of collage items from previous program)
    • Glue, tape, markers, crayons
More Bird Books
  • *Feathers: Not just for flying by Melissa Stewart
  • Look up! Bird-watching in your own backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate
  • *Have you heard the nesting bird by Rita Gray
  • *I Spy in the sky by Edward Gibbs
  • Early bird by Toni Yuly
  • Alex the Parrot by Stephanie Spinner
  • Noodle and Lou by Elizabeth Scanlon
  • Elsie's bird by Jane Yolen
  • South by Patrick McDonnell
  • How to heal a broken wing by Bob Graham
  • How to paint the portrait of a bird by Jacques Prevert
  • Grumpy bird by Jeremy Tankard
  • The baby beebee bird by Diane Massie
  • Backyard birds of winter by Carol Lerner
  • Birds, nests and eggs by Mel Boring
  • Marsh morning by Marianne Berkes
  • Puffling patrol by Ted and Betsy Lewin
  • Pale male by Janet Schulman
  • Roly-poly egg by Kali Stileman
  • About hummingbirds by Cathryn Sill
  • Woodpecker by Dee Phillips
  • Spotted owl by Dee Phillips
*Would have used in storytime but were checked out

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Festival

Fishing for prizes
  • Program Goals: 
    • Distribute information about fall programs
    • Connect with new and returning families
    • Mark beginning of fall programming
  • Attendance: 50
  • Connections/Feedback: Passed out lots of calendars, signed up several new kids for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, invited several new people to after school clubs
  • Notes for the future:
    • 9-6-14: This was actually going to be a community baby shower, but we ran out of time to get it set up. So I did a little fall festival instead. I had no money, so had to do this with what I had on hand. I planned to start setting up at 9:30, program 10:30-11:30, clean-up, done by 12. I went home at 1:30. People were having fun and didn't want to leave and I had to finish some other stuff. The fishing for prizes was popular, nobody really did the Mad Scientists Challenge, and only some did the Messy Art. It was mostly little kids who preferred Pattie's crafts with lots of stickers and stuff. The Survey did not work well - computer issues - but a couple people did it.
Ms. Pattie
  • I gave Pattie two tables for whatever information/activities she wanted to do to promote her fall programs at the library and in the community.
Library Information
  • I kept one table for flyers, newsletters, and information about fall library programs and the library in general. I also set up the laptop here for people to take the survey.
  • Supplies
    • Newsletter, calendar
    • Text alerts
    • Wisconsin digital library
    • After school club bookmarks
    • 1,000 books before kindergarten
Lego Club Challenge
  • The challenge had two tiers - "Basic beginner" was a challenge to build a tower, "Master Builder" was to create something with a fall theme. When the kids complete it, they come and get a lego Club membership card.
  • Supplies
    • A big tub of legos
Messy Art Club Challenge
  • The challenge was to create a fall-themed piece of art. I suggested leaf streamers.
  • Supplies
    • Die cut leaves, ribbon
    • markers
    • tape, popsicle sticks, scissors
Mad Scientists Club
  • Engineering challenge - The challenge was to create a structure out of pencils that either moved or could bear weight with ONLY those materials provided.
  • Supplies
    • thousands of pencils (left over from donation)
    • rubber bands, yarn, glue dots
Prize Fishing
  • I filled a swimming pool with colored shredded paper and then threw in a whole bunch of Halloween plastic rings I had left over and some of those shaped rubber band bracelets. Then I had paper clips and told the kids to make a fishing rod (using materials from the other stations) and they could "fish" for a prize.