Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We Explore Art: Ed Emberley

  •  Program Goals:
    • Introduce Ed Emberley and his art
    • Encourage gross and fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, printing)
    • Attendance: 10
Art Project Part 1: Collage (10-10:15)
I had precut shapes and paper to cut up and the kids did cutting and gluing to make pictures. At 10:15ish, I sing the Storytime Song
  • Supplies
    • Precut shapes (circules, triangles, squares)
    • Construction paper (colored) and scraps
    • Cardstock (recycled)
    • Googly eyes
    • Glue, scissors
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:40
I get all the kids more or less sitting down and ask a parent or two to pass out the snack during the first story. Depending on the age of the kids, we'll talk about different aspects of the art, anything from identifying colors and shapes to asking questions about the author's process and materials. Technically Emberley and his daughter collaborate, but I usually don't talk as much about the art in these books because we're so busy having fun!
  • Books
    • Go away big green monster (puppet)
    • Red Hen (flannelboard)
    • Drummer Hoff
    • Chicken Little
    • If you're a monster and you know it (song)
    • I know an old monster (song)
  • Snack
    • animal crackers
Art Project Part 2: Thumbprints/drawing (10:40-11)
If you don't have stamp pads the kids can color their fingers with markers and press them to the paper. Stamp pads are easier. I also have Emberley's thumbprint and other drawing books on display.
    • 10-10-18
      • Attendance: 20
      • Notes: It's been... quite a while since I've done this one! The kids had a blast, including a sixth grader (homeschooled) who loves art and has been joining us. The books were popular, especially Big Green Monster and we overall had a lot of fun. I'm glad I'm done with this series though, as I'm seriously overbooked this month.
    • 11-19-14
      • Attendance: 29
      • Notes: The storytime part of this went really well. Next time I should have copies of Big Green Monster available for checkout. Also, let parents know that if they do the thumbprints with marker it will not come off any time soon!

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