Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Preschool Interactive: Let's Swim

  • Program Goals
    • Pass on early literacy messages
    • Encourage children to note differences in similar pictures
    • Encourage motor development with lacing
    • 25 children and adults in attendance
  • Attendance: 19 with a couple wandering in afterwards. Only 6 kids actually sat through storytime.
  • Connections/Feedback
  • Notes for the future: I always forgot how much time interactive stories/games like the Crustaceans flannelboard takes. We only read two other stories.
  • Sergio makes a splash by Edel Rodriguez
  • See what a seal can do by Christine Butterworth
  • The most obedient dog in the world by Anita Jeram
  • Sink or swim by Valerie Coulman
Early Literacy Aside
  • Repeated phrases (Most Obedient Dog)
  • Identify differences (Crustaceans)
Project: Lace and sew (MaryAnn Kohl's Preschool Art pg 52)
  • Supplies
    • precut shapes out of shirt cardboard with some holes punched in them
    • yarn, tape, hole punches, crayons, scissors
  • Kids use tape to stiffen the yarn and lace it through the holes.

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