Friday, June 27, 2014

We Explore Boats

  • 6-27-14: This is the first of my last two We Explore playgroups. I'm cutting back on programs and these are fun, but not necessary. I cut way down on the amount of things we had to make boats out of, didn't try to do the folding paper boats (which didn't work) and everything was outside, since we had a senior movie being shown in the Storyroom.
  • 6-14-13: I didn't finish planning this until right before we did it, so it ended up being kind of haphazard. Basically I put out a bunch of books, a bunch of supplies, and was hoping that people would make boats, decorate them, and take them outside to float. Then they could figure out which ones floated better and try different designs. 35 people came and everyone loved it, but some samples would have been better. The best were the plates the kids covered in foil and then taped on popsicle stick masts and sails.
  • 3 plastic kiddie pools filled with water
  • styrofoam plates, popsicle sticks, cardstock (scratch paper), duct tape, scissors
  • bubbles, sidewalk chalk

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