Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Reading: 2014 Edition

This isn't changed much from last year, since that was my Final How It Will Be Forever Amen program line-up. Just a few tweaks here and there.

Rubber Ducky Readers
  • Ages 0-3
  • June log (receive a bath squirt when they turn it in in July)
  • July log (receive a board book when they turn it in in August)
  • Adapted from Marge Loch-Wouters' Rubber Ducky Club
  • Funded by Kohls cares for kids and United Way
  • I would like to cut down some of the verbiage on the forms and go to the five early literacy skills, but I printed a LOT of these last year, because I had the money, so we'll be using this for the foreseeable future. When I finally use up all the forms, then I can redo them a little. I also bought enough board books last year for a couple years so all I had to add was some more bath squirts, since a lot of kids thought they were regular summer reading prizes. We'll keep them in the cupboard this time.
Fizz, Boom, Read
  • Ages 3-12
  • Turn in a bookmark each week and receive a prize (This is last year's bookmark - I don't have the form for this year, but it added the week pre-printed so we didn't have to go just by color or write them in)
  • I try for prizes under 50 cents but stuff the kids can actually "do" something with, not just add to their stash of plastic crap. This year I'm making the first week prize a book. I've been wanting to go back to this, since it's the biggest prize week, but I thought it would confuse people because we use to give out books at registration and there isn't normally someone all the time at the YS desk watching. This year there will be though, and I think we're far enough away from the giveaway that it should work.
  • This year I didn't even try for donations - I only got a couple hundred dollars last year and it's not worth it. I used money from the Friends and my supply budget.
Super Readers Club
  • Ages 6-12
  • Turn in a reading log in August and choose up to 6 passes/prizes (program is supplemental to Fizz, Boom, Read - i.e. you can do both)
  • We had fewer passes this year, so I cut down the challenge from 7 to 6. Right now, I have 5, possibly 6 passes (or I will as soon as I ask McDonald's for ice cream coupons) and I made a coupon for the kids to pick an additional free book in case I ran out of anything.
Teen Summer Reading
  • Ages 13-18
  • Every week you turn in a review sheet you get to choose a book OR a piece of candy. In late August, all participants will be invited to a party.
  • Middle schoolers can choose which program they want to join - teen or kids. This is the only program with a significant change this year - I got rid of the final drawing prize (which we had problems with last year) and now they can just do one prize a week and then come to the party. With the middle schoolers, we had about 50 kids last year and that's a lot of books and candy right there. I'm also going to keep the candy bin in the cupboard, since people can't seem to grasp that it's not free candy.
Summer Reading - Daycare Version
  • I started this last year with the small daycare that I visit monthly during the school year. They only have 15 kids and it worked really well. This year I'm expanding it to the main daycare in town which will be around 200 kids! I'm also excited that both schools will be doing library visits, hopefully. These will be visits for them to browse and hang out at the library, not programs that I'm doing and I'm pretty excited about this. The smaller school might even attend some programs!
  • I reworked the log into just one sheet and gave the schools the master copy so they could make as many copies as they wanted.
  • Right now, the plan is for the small school to visit (or have me visit) sometime early in June for storytime and to bring a selection of books. The bigger school will drop by throughout the summer. In August, I will visit the bigger school's younger kids - 3s and 4s - to take ice cream coupons and the older kids will come and pick out prizes. I'm not sure yet how the visit will go for the smaller school, but somehow they will get ice cream!
I'd like at some point to stop chopping and changing the theme every year and go with something I could do every summer. But for that I have to wait for a really good theme from ILA to come along that I can live with (CSLP only licenses the artwork for the summer, ILA you can reuse it, which I've done for my winter reading program)

You are welcome to use my materials, but please be aware the the artwork is copyrighted by the CSLP, so if your library does not participate in that program you will need to use different artwork.

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