Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Preschool Interactive: Butterflies

  • 1-22-14: I split this into an ABC storytime and a butterfly storytime, so the ABC books will show up later. I didn't need Flutter Flutter Butterfly or Waiting for Wings. This went really well and the strummies were a success, as was the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I remembered this time it's easier to put the book on my lap, instead of trying to hold it in one hand. I'm doing well in my goal to have more puppets and activities in storytime!
  • 1-23-13: This went really well. When I explained our early literacy theme, one little boy said "this is just like school!" I did much better with the Very Hungry Caterpillar puppet and boards, actually having him talk and so on. I also brought out my metamorphosing caterpillar/butterfly puppet for the kids to pass around while we talked through Nic Bishop's Butterflies and Moths (we don't really, technically, read that one). I didn't read Waiting for Wings and I felt like Z is for Moose was a big over the kids' heads. The craft was really, really popular with the kids and parents.
  • 1-18-12: Caveman was GREAT. We did it interactively, practicing the alphabet and it was a huge hit. The story kinda derails near the end, but it didn't matter. We skipped "the insects in the meadow" everyone was too wiggly and wanting the last story. Also belatedly realized that this was supposed to be letter knowledge, not print awareness and have updated it accordingly for the next time I use this plan.
Dancing time and name tags: "Boots" by Laurie Berkner from Victor Vito

Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Messy Art Club Butterfly celebration is tomorrow.

Opening name song: The more we get together

Long story: Houdini the amazing caterpillar by Janet Pedersen

Movement: Flutter, flutter butterfly

Nonfiction: Nic Bishop's Butterflies and Moths

Early Literacy Aside: One of the ways we practice to be ready for writing is controlling our motor skills. Playing an instrument can be a good way to do that. We're going to practice fast and slow with an easy instrument you can make at home yourself - a strummie! Listen carefully to the music and play fast and slow.

Movement: Samantha the Butterfly by Fox and Branch from Things are coming my way with Strummies from Teach Preschool (I made ours with kleenex boxes ahead of time)

Short story: Waiting for wings by Lois Ehlert

Movement/Flannelboard: Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, interactive flannel board/puppet

Closing song: Sunny Day

Process art: Fold 'n' Paint

Prep: Fingerpaint paper, fingerpaint, paper towels

Kids paint and then fold the paper to create symmetrical designs

Take Home Insert

Thank you for attending today's Preschool Interactive!

Our next session is January 29 and we will be having fun with the alphabet. Bring friends and siblings: the suggested age for Preschool Interactive is 3 and up, but all ages are welcome to attend and participate as they are able.

Today we used the five early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, playing and writing.

We TALKED about the process of metamorphosis

We practiced WRITING by strumming fast and slow and plucking, all of which helps develop motor skills

We SANG "Flutter flutter butterfly" and "Samantha the Butterfly from the CD Things are coming my way by Fox and Branch

We PLAYED with paint and musical instruments

Houdini the amazing caterpillar by Janet Pedersen
Nic Bishop's Butterflies and Moths
Waiting for wings by Lois Ehlert
Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

You can keep practicing these skills at home. Try practicing your WRITING skills by making your own strummies. TALK about how the sounds change when you use different size of boxes and rubber bands.

Our take home craft is: Butterfly puppets

You will need: Decorations, tape or glue
Decorate your butterfly and tape it to the popsicle stick. Make it fly!

For more library events, new books, and more, check out our website at, join us on Facebook, or talk to a librarian. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions!

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