Friday, April 12, 2013

We Explore Giant Boxes

  • 4-12-13: Back in the storyroom again - which is a small space, but there aren't that many kids so it's ok. This is a very relaxed storytime and I just read a few books and then we play with boxes! I did take all the tables out of the storyroom to have space for the boxes. I didn't take any pictures this time.
  • 10-26-12: Opening music just doesn't really work - kids don't hear it often enough to "get" the song and it's hard in the community room, although I finally got a cd player with a remote (limited range, but better than nothing). Plus, I really have to open the room early to get everyone in. I played some Frances England while folks wandered in and then instead of Boots we did Casper Babypants/Elizabeth Mitchell's Loud Bird which I think is from the Sing-Along cd. I didn't bother with the closing song. We read all our books (except Clap Your Hands), decorated boxes, and then people took them home. people stayed for about an hour to play with the boxes, so that was good and there were about 30 people total. I used the Community Room b/c the senior movie group has decided they prefer the Storyroom.
Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Welcome to our giant box party! We're going to read some stories to get our imaginations flowing and then we'll have a box party. Parents are welcome - encouraged! - to take the boxes home.

Theme: Boxes

Press Here by Herve Tullet
Can you make a scary face by Jan Thomas
Jump by Scott Fischer
Magic Box by Katie Cleminson
Sitting in my box by Dee Lillegard
Not a box by Antoinette Portis

Closing song: Sunny day

Giant box play! Crayons, stickers, and giant boxes...(note to self, remember to fold up tables before program)

Some friends from another town

Emma looking cute in her box

Friday, April 5, 2013

We Explore Seeds

  • 4-5-13: This was a really good group of mostly older kids - I got a group from a nearby town that came for the first time and had 4K in the afternoon. 25 people was a really good number for it being senior travel day and no parking available! We did the opening song twice, so I didn't end up doing Planting a Rainbow.
Opening music: "List of Dances" by Jim Gill from Jim Gill makes it noisy in Boise Idaho

Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Clifford party next Wednesday, next We Explore is Giant Boxes.

Theme: Seeds and planting

Nonfiction: Planting the wild garden by Kathryn Galbraith

Movement: Five fat peas

Flannelboard: Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley

Short story: Carrot seed by Ruth Krauss

Short story: Rah Rah Radishes by April Pulley Sayre

Short story: Planting a rainbow by Lois Ehlert (big book)

Closing song: Sunny Day

Project: Planting seeds

Prep: Tape, paper scraps, scissors, dirt, seeds

Kids use tape and paper scraps to decorate recyclables, fill with dirt and plant seeds. Do NOT water until you get home!