Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Preschool Interactive: First came the egg

  • 11-6-13: We were feeling a bit wiggly and some kids didn't stay the whole time. I mixed up the order a bit but we did everything except Hatch (this was a younger group).
  • 3-7-12: This is a recycled storytime from last year, and then I made some last-minute changes. Red Hen was a huge hit, then we added in Tom's Tweet by Jill Esbaum which didn't work well with this large group. Hatch, in the abridged form I use, went much better than the last time. I skipped Animals on the farm and read Foxy and Egg by Alex Smith instead of No sleep for the sheep. One boy informed me "you read that before!" which is entirely possible as it's a deliciously wicked book.
  • 2-6-13: I don't know if it's the weather, or if five days a week 4K is making it's presence felt, but I feel that our attendance is dropping off. Only 14 people today, only about 8 last week (granted that was a big snow storm that day). It was a very peaceful group and they did enjoy the stories though. I switched to Boots by Laurie Berkner for the opening song. I just wasn't feeling the butterflies.
Dancing time and name tags: "List of Dances" from Jim Gill makes it noisy in Boise, Idaho
Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Kohls Wild Theater

Early Literacy Theme: Print Awareness is knowing that print has meaning, how to handle a book, and noticing print all around

Opening name song: The more we get together

Long story: Foxy and Egg by Alex T. Smith

Movement: Here's a little egg

Early Literacy Aside: Our early literacy theme today is print awareness. We will be noticing the text in this story by matching some of the words to the pictures when we look for hidden animals.

Nonfiction: Hatch by Roxie Munro
What will hatch by Jennifer Ward

Movement: Animals on the farm

Short story: The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend

Short story/Flannelboard: The Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley

Closing song: Sunny Day

Process art: Hatch an egg

Prep: Die cut white circles, ducks, and birds. Scissors, tape, markers, crayons

Kids cut one circle in half. Tape the half to the intact circle to make a pocket. What's hatching from your egg?

Take Home Insert
Thank you for attending today's Preschool Interactive!

Our early literacy skill was: Print awareness, which is knowing that print has meaning, knowing how to handle a book, and noticing print all around.

You can practice this skill at home by encouraging children to notice print in the world around them, not just in books but on signs, in the grocery store, and around the house.

Our stories, songs and rhymes today included:Foxy and Egg by Alex T. Smith
Hatch by Roxie Munro
What will hatch by Jennifer Ward
The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend
The Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley
Here's a little egg
The animals on the farm (to the tune of The Wheels on the bus)

More stories and songs to try at home:
Look for more folktale and folksong retellings by Rebecca Emberley, including If You're a Monster and You Know It and Chicken Little.

Try your own theme to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus, like animals in the zoo, people in the city, or creatures in the ocean. How many can you think of?

Our take home craft is: Feather puppet

You will need: Tape and/or glue, decorations

Use tape or dabs of glue to attach feathers to your duck. Decorate as desired and attach to your stick. Take your duck out for a waddle!

Library events coming soon:
November 7, 3:30-5 Lego Club - all ages welcome!
February 8, 10am Kohls Wild Theater
Register now for Santa's Kitchen, Dec. 14

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