Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preschool Interactive: Fall

  • 10-16-13: I thought the preschool was joining us today and did a whole new set-up for the room, pulled books, etc., but they didn't show - I'm not sure what happened, because they are usually really on top of letting me know. I had a decent group today, although I did have a couple younger kids who were very insistent on doing the craft instead of listening to storytime and for some reason no one wanted to sit on the rug, so they were all scattered out in the hinterlands. I was probably just kind of flustered with the school not showing up too.
  • 9-12-12: It was very wiggly with an all-new group of kids, many of them younger. I threw an apple/jumping rhyme after the nonfiction and cut seasons. We also used tape to hold the leaves down and it was an awesome project. I loved how some kids carefully painted around the leaves, then took them off and painted in the shapes!
Dancing time and name tags: "List of dances" from Jim Gill makes it noisy in Boise Idaho

Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Welcome Step Ahead, Lego Club and We Explore Science coming up.

Early Literacy Theme: Vocabulary is knowing the names of things, feelings, concepts and ideas.

Opening name song: The more we get together

Long story: Those darn squirrels by Adam Rubin

Movement: Five little leaves

Early Literacy Aside: Reading nonfiction together is a good way to build vocabulary. There are lots of nonfiction titles appropriate for young listeners (and readers). Look in the nonfiction for favorite subjects like dinosaurs, trains, animals, seasons and more!

Nonfiction: Every autumn comes the bear by Jim Arnosky

Flannelboard: Fall is not easy by Marty Kelley

Short story: Seasons by Anne Crausaz

Short story: Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Closing song: Sunny Day

Process art: Leaf painting

Prep: Die cut white leaves. Put out leaves, paper, paint, aprons

Kids put the leaves on the paper, paint on and around. Take the leaves off and you'll see the shapes left behind.

Take Home Insert
Thank you for attending today's Preschool Interactive!

Our early literacy skill was: Vocabulary, knowing the names of things, feelings, concepts, and ideas.

You can practice this skill at home by reading books! Books have 25% more rare words than television. The more rare words a child knows, the easier it will be for them to learn to read and succeed in school.

Our stories, songs and rhymes today included:
Those darn squirrels by Adam Rubin
Every autumn comes the bear by Jim Arnosky
Seasons by Anne Crausaz
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
Fall is not easy by Marty Kelley

More stories and songs to try at home:
Look for more fall stories above the children's movies by our colorful fall tree!

Our take home craft is: Leaf streamers

You will need: Tape, crayons or markers

Decorate your leaves. Tape them to the strings, tape or tie the strings to the popsicle stick. Run or dance with your leaves!

Library events coming soon:
October 17, 3:30-5, Lego Club
October 18, 10am, We Explore Science

For more library events, new books, and more, check out our website at, join us on Facebook, or talk to a librarian. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions!

Jennifer Wharton, Youth Services Librarian, 262-723-2678 ext. 14

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