Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Preschool Interactive: Collage of Books

  • 9-25-13: Second monthly visit from the preschool. This visit went a little better than last week, because the craft lasted longer so we didn't have any arguments about playing with the trains. I had a really big group of additional kids - apparently all the kids from last week had colds or something last time. With the school and families, had about 50 people. We didn't get to On my way to the bath, we spent a long time on Nicola Davies and singing our names [Replaced It's Milking Time, Dragons love tacos, Beach feet]
  • 7-11-12: Despite a pounding headache, we all had fun. The spider rhyme didn't work as well as I'd hoped, I think I need to do it several times for the kids to catch on - or maybe use a jumprope? Or throw beanbags "spiders" into the parachute? I cut It's Milking Time a little short and used kids' names for Let's Go Riding in the Car (Carly's going to steer the car, etc.)
Dancing time and name tags: "List of dances" from Jim Gill makes it noisy in Boise Idaho

Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Welcome Step Ahead, Messy Art tomorrow, We Explore imagination (costumes!) on Friday.

Early Literacy Theme: Print motivation is a child's interest in and enjoyment of books and reading.

Early Literacy Aside: We're going to read all different kinds of stories today - true books, pretend books, and more - to try out some different kinds of books we might like!

Opening name song: The more we get together

Long story: A home for bird by Philip Stead

Movement: Squiggly Fish

Nonfiction: Who's like me? by Nicola Davies

Movement: Let's go riding in the car by Elizabeth Mitchell

Short story: Silly Doggy by Adam Stower

Short story: On my way to the bath by Sarah Maizes

Closing song: Sunny Day

Process art: Collage

Prep: Glue and glue sticks, scissors, scrap/old magazines, recycled card stock

Kids: Cut and glue.

Take Home Insert
Thank you for attending today's Preschool Interactive!

Our early literacy skill was: Print motivation, a child's interest in and enjoyment of books and reading.

You can practice this skill at home by reading different kinds of books. Check out the nonfiction section under the dinosaur for fairy tales, poetry, nonfiction about animals, and more!

Our stories, songs and rhymes today included:
A home for bird by Philip Stead
Who's like me? by Nicola Davies
Silly Doggy by Adam Stower
On my way to the bath by Sarah Maizes
Let's go riding in the car by Elizabeth Mitchell

More stories and songs to try at home:
Elizabeth Mitchell has several cds with gentle folksongs and fun rhythms. They make great car music and calming down music in the evening!

Our take home craft is: Collage books

You will need: Glue, stapler, scissors, paper scraps or old magazines

Glue or staple your pages together. Use the scissors to cut your scraps into interesting shapes. Glue them into your collage book! You can add more pages and scraps or decorations.

Library events coming soon:
September 26, 3:30-5pm, Messy Art Club: Sand Art
September 27, 10am, We Explore imagination (costumes)

For more library events, new books, and more, check out our website at, join us on Facebook, or talk to a librarian. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions!

Jennifer Wharton, Youth Services Librarian, 262-723-2678 ext. 14

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