Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Book Experience

  • Improve notes
    Goals - early literacy message and information about plants. promote pizza gardens program in august and get people to visit the library gardens, motor development
    Attendance - goal of 25
    Notes for the future

  • 8-10-13: I've been trying to find a simple but fun end of summer reading party for several years. I really want something that will be a "tradition" b/c I am all about repeating programs that people can then expect. So, we did a book-themed party that we could easily expand or trade out themes. I had hoped to get community members to run the tables, but there's really no one around in August and it worked out fine. I mostly had my aides put it together and about 40 people came, which was just perfect. I had multiple copies of books at each table. I think next year I'd have a couple more older kid activities, as almost everything was younger, although the kids still enjoyed it. The best creations were the vampire Elephant and Piggie puppets and the miniature frogs a kid cut out to decorate his journal.
Elephant and Piggie
  • Elephant and Piggie puppets
  • Elephant and Piggie activity sheets
  • Markers, scissors, glue
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Someone donated a big stack of used journals and I put them out for the kids to redecorate
  • Scrap paper, pencils, scissors, glue
  • I die cut large fish to decorate and then used the cut-outs for suncatchers
  • Holepunchers, yarn, glue, shells, tape, tissue paper
  • Goldfish snacks
Curious George
  • I had a party kit for this with stickers, activity sheets, and temp tattoos
  • I also baked banana bread
Eric Carle
  • Caterpillars - pom poms, glue dots, clothespins
Press Here
  • I had an activity kit for this with activity sheets and stickers
Alice in Wonderland
  • The local dance school, Toe to Toe Ballet, brought several of their dancers in costume and a lot of their props. They had some activities and little prizes and kids could get a ride in the teacup!
Extra Snacks
  • I had lots of cookies and brownies left over from events of the previous week.

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