Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Book Experience

  • Improve notes
    Goals - early literacy message and information about plants. promote pizza gardens program in august and get people to visit the library gardens, motor development
    Attendance - goal of 25
    Notes for the future

  • 8-10-13: I've been trying to find a simple but fun end of summer reading party for several years. I really want something that will be a "tradition" b/c I am all about repeating programs that people can then expect. So, we did a book-themed party that we could easily expand or trade out themes. I had hoped to get community members to run the tables, but there's really no one around in August and it worked out fine. I mostly had my aides put it together and about 40 people came, which was just perfect. I had multiple copies of books at each table. I think next year I'd have a couple more older kid activities, as almost everything was younger, although the kids still enjoyed it. The best creations were the vampire Elephant and Piggie puppets and the miniature frogs a kid cut out to decorate his journal.
Elephant and Piggie
  • Elephant and Piggie puppets
  • Elephant and Piggie activity sheets
  • Markers, scissors, glue
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Someone donated a big stack of used journals and I put them out for the kids to redecorate
  • Scrap paper, pencils, scissors, glue
  • I die cut large fish to decorate and then used the cut-outs for suncatchers
  • Holepunchers, yarn, glue, shells, tape, tissue paper
  • Goldfish snacks
Curious George
  • I had a party kit for this with stickers, activity sheets, and temp tattoos
  • I also baked banana bread
Eric Carle
  • Caterpillars - pom poms, glue dots, clothespins
Press Here
  • I had an activity kit for this with activity sheets and stickers
Alice in Wonderland
  • The local dance school, Toe to Toe Ballet, brought several of their dancers in costume and a lot of their props. They had some activities and little prizes and kids could get a ride in the teacup!
Extra Snacks
  • I had lots of cookies and brownies left over from events of the previous week.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Preschool Interactive: summer

  • 8-7-13: Aaaand we're done. Only 15 people came today, really just two families. Most people are on vacation (school here doesn't start until September) or they were over in the park with Pattie. But the kids did like the summer stories and we just talked a lot. [Replaced Traction Man and the beach odyssey, Cactus Hotel, Hot rod hamster, Hogwash]
  • 6-20-12: Hmm. Having trouble getting the kids to salsa with me! I'm working on getting the older kids to help me demo, otherwise the kids just stand there shaking the shakers. It was insanely hot and I didn't need Hogwash (which hadn't come in time anyways) so I left it out. Not quite back in the groove of storytime and this is a crazy week.
Dancing time and name tags: "I know a chicken" by Laurie Berkner from Best of the Laurie Berkner Band (shakers)

Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Book Experience, programs end on Saturday, changes in the fall

Early Literacy Theme: Print Awareness includes knowing that print has meaning, knowing how to handle a book, and noticing print all around

Opening name song: The more we get together

Long story: Night Sky Wheel Ride by Sheree Fitch

Movement: Hop little bunnies

Nonfiction: It's a firefly night by Dianne Ochiltree

Movement: Five hungry ants

Early Literacy Aside: Our next story is about observing the world around you. One way to do that and practice your print awareness is look for words

Short story: Wait! Wait! by Hatsue Nakawaki

Short story: Summer days and nights by Wong Herbert Yee

Closing song: Sunny Day

Process art: Suncatchers

Prep: Cut shapes out of shirt cardboard, tape, tissue paper, markers, yarn, hole punchers

Kids tape tissue paper over the cut outs, decorate the outside, and hang them with yarn (or make necklaces out of them)

Take Home Insert