Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Middle School Madness: The T-Shirt Fiasco

  • 5-8-13: Last meeting of the school year. I am planning to continue this program next school year, although at the moment I don't feel like doing any more programs ever again...only 5 middle schoolers came, so it doesn't look like May is a good time for this program. I let in a bunch of high schoolers and promptly regretted it when they all decided to make "legalize marijuana" t-shirts. I probably could have handled it better, but I was too tired for an argument and I just told them if their parents or the school gets them in trouble, they are on their own. They told me their parents would think it was funny and they weren't going to wear them to school. Whatever. Note to self: Do not let high schoolers come to this program, especially this group who are very much in the "we are shocking and On The Edge" phase.
The Challenge
  • This was going to be our Maker kit brushbots, but I realized too late they needed tools we didn't have. I did have the spinbot available, but they weren't interested. They definitely liked the idea of the brushbots, but we'll have to do them next year.
DIY Project
  • T-shirts - I basically wanted to use up the leftover shirts and paint and markers from the spring break t-shirt party. The middle schoolers behaved perfectly nicely and made fun shirts. Not so the high schoolers (see above).
  • I bought 6 cheap party pizzas and baked them in the community room oven (note to self - there is no good knife in the kitchen! I will need to bring one next time) If I had had a normal-sized group, we would have needed more pizza.
  • Leftover marshmallows and pretzels.
Wii and New Books
  • The middle schoolers played some Just Dance Summer and they liked the retro Kirby Collection, but there weren't really enough kids there for it to get going.
  • Nobody looked much at the books.
  • I bought the pizza and one pack of 5 t-shirts but everything else I already had. I bought the Maker kits last January.
I didn't take any pictures. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

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