Friday, April 5, 2013

We Explore Seeds

  • 4-5-13: This was a really good group of mostly older kids - I got a group from a nearby town that came for the first time and had 4K in the afternoon. 25 people was a really good number for it being senior travel day and no parking available! We did the opening song twice, so I didn't end up doing Planting a Rainbow.
Opening music: "List of Dances" by Jim Gill from Jim Gill makes it noisy in Boise Idaho

Introduction, welcome, and announcements: Clifford party next Wednesday, next We Explore is Giant Boxes.

Theme: Seeds and planting

Nonfiction: Planting the wild garden by Kathryn Galbraith

Movement: Five fat peas

Flannelboard: Red Hen by Rebecca Emberley

Short story: Carrot seed by Ruth Krauss

Short story: Rah Rah Radishes by April Pulley Sayre

Short story: Planting a rainbow by Lois Ehlert (big book)

Closing song: Sunny Day

Project: Planting seeds

Prep: Tape, paper scraps, scissors, dirt, seeds

Kids use tape and paper scraps to decorate recyclables, fill with dirt and plant seeds. Do NOT water until you get home!

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