Thursday, February 21, 2013

Outreach Week: No Theme

2-20-13, 4K Class at Learning Curve
  • We sang The More We Get Together (I'm never going to remember names!) and the kids all thought it was hilarious when I asked them if they could remember their names! Read Brownie Groundhog and they listened pretty well for such a long story. Then we did Who's Like Me and they got very excited, crowding around and yelling out their guesses. We read Andrew Drew (loved it), Cupcake (laughed like crazy) and Soup for one, which they yelled out the numbers for. We also did Jumping Beans, but they were more interested in jumping than in listening to the words and I had to restart it several times. We finished up with I am so handsome, which I don't think they entirely got, and Sunny Day.
2-21-13, 4K Class at Learning Curve (9:30am)
  • Name song, then read Brownie, then Andrew (especially a big hit b/c one of the boys is named Andrew. C wanted to know if I could bring a book next time with his name in it!). This group worked really well with Jumping beans - I chanted the rhyme once lightly clapping, then we jumped it, then I clapped and they jumped. We also did Soup for one, Cupcake, Who's like me and I am so handsome. Also, like yesterday's group, this group could not identify a robin!
2-21-13, 4K Class at Learning Curve (10:00am)
  • This group had a girl who knew a robin. We spent a long time discussing Who's like me and didn't have time for any songs, just reading. They were feeling very wiggly by the end, but still wanted to hear I am so handsome even though some of them were bouncing up and down while they listened! They loved Andrew drew and drew so much, they wanted to know if I was leaving it there for them to read again.
2-21-13, Kindergarten Class at Tibbets
  • They didn't know I was coming - I usually call to confirm on Monday but the regular teacher was out. However, they were fine with me doing storytime although some of the kids had to whisk out for other things. This time the two boys who have the most trouble sitting still had their own chairs apart and that worked really well. We read Brownie, and one of the kids remarked, with a sigh of satisfaction, "that was a good story" when it was over. Then we read Andrew drew and drew although they didn't find it as entrancing as the younger kids. They liked Who's like me and then we talked about tricksters and read The Sacred Banana Leaf which they listened the whole way through and enjoyed! I finished with Limelight Larry and I have to admit this just doesn't work as a read-aloud. They loved the part when his tale opened, but didn't really get the rest of the story.
  • Soup for one by Ethan Long
  • Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper
  • Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox by Susan Blackaby
  • The Long, Long Journey by Sandra Markle
  • I am so handsome by Mario Ramos
  • Who's like me by Nicola Davies
  • Andrew Drew and Drew by Barney Salztberg
  • Sacred Banana Leaf by Nathan Kumar Scott
  • Limelight Larry by Leigh Hodgkinson

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