Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Big Splash

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  • Program Goals
    • End of summer party
    • Quick and easy program
    • Attendance: 35
  • Evaluation
    • 8-1-15
      • Attendance: 65?
      • Feedback/Connections: Parents, especially of little ones, really love this program. It's very laid back and casual and the gentle sprinkler and small pools are perfect for this age group with the paint as an afterwards/rainy weather activity.'
      • Notes: I always underestimate the amount of staff I need for this. Note to self -need FOUR staff - one to handle summer reading, one to supervise outside, one to supervise inside, and one to move around between the three spots. Also, next year I need something to fill water balloons more quickly and easily!
  • Paint
    • fingerpaint, paint tubs, paint brushes, paper
    • tablecloths, wipes, paper towels, cleaning spray
  • Outdoor activities
    • 2 hoses, sprinkler, pools, tubs
    • Balloons, bubble wands, bubble solution, balls for the pools
    • Popsicles, cooler, scissors

Friday, July 22, 2016

Maker Workshop: Brushbots

  • Program Goals
    • Teach kids new skills
    • Offer the opportunity for hands-on learning
    • Promote nonfiction
  • Brushbot kits (15) (purchased from
  • AAA batteries
  • stickers
Resources and Display Titles
I did not put anything out.

Kids will have the opportunity to create a mini robot and learn some basic electronic skills along the way! Registration is required and space is limited, so if you are unable to attend please let the library know. There is no age restriction, but you must have the following skills to attend:

Required skills:
  • Ability to work independently and wait patiently for assistance when needed.
  • Can safely use required materials with minimal supervision (sharp pliers, wire, batteries)
I reminded everyone of the "tools vs toys" rule and then they got started. I printed out instructions and suggestions for games etc. from the website.

  • 7-22-16
    • Attendance: 12
    • Notes: I felt very "meh" about this one, but it turned out really well. The kids loved it and we had extras (which was good b/c a couple motors died). Next year I'll buy the brushbot kits from Maker Shed when they're in stock and pre-strip the wires.

Field Trip: Explore Elkhorn

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library, from the past to the present
  • Tour
    • We started in the oldest part of the library and talked about the history and the way the library used to be. We looked at the geneaology room, the basement, and the cabinet of old books.
    • Next, we looked at the first addition (upstairs). We saw where parts of the outer wall became the inner wall, we looked at the microfilm machine, and we looked at the Christmas Card paintings.
    • Finally, we looked at the newest part of the building, including the children's area. We talked about how the library cataloges and processes materials, how we have many different kinds of materials
  • Scavenger Hunt/Guessing Game
  • Past, Present, and Future library books
    • I folded 9x18 sheets of construction paper and wrote on the front "the library today" inside "the library tomorrow" and on the back "the library yesterday". The kids wrote or drew on the pages.
  • The kids got to explore the library and hang out
  • 7-22-16 (3rd and 4th grade)
    • Notes: Only half the kids ended up coming - they had fun though and were definitely challenged by the guessing game!
  • 7-1-16 (1st and 2nd grade)
    • Notes: I did not do a scavenger hunt with this group

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mad Scientists Club: What floats, what flies

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage kids to think about how and why things float and fly
    • Encourage creative thinking and problem solving
    • Attendance: 35
Project: Making Boats
  • Styrofoam plates and bowls
  • Ribbon, straws
  • Paper, foil, wax paper, tape, markers
Project: Making paper airplanes
  • Paper
  • Rulers, pencils, scissors
  • Tape, Foil, wax paper, rubber bands, popsicle sticks
  • Ladder and masking tape for the floor
  • Paper airplane books

Baby Crafting

  • Program Goals
    • Give parents some simple crafts they could do for their babies
    • Substitute for Ms. Pattie
I have learned the hard way that it's really pointless to substitute for Ms. Pattie's baby storytime/playgroup. The babies get upset at a stranger and I'm not really a baby person - it's something you have to build up over time and repeated programs. So, I came up with an idea to do baby crafting! We put out all the toys for the babies (and toddlers) to play with and had two projects for the moms to work on.
  • Discovery Bottles
    • Recycled sturdy plastic bottles (cleaned)
    • Bells, sparkles, and misc. items
    • Duct tape and funnels
The caregivers, with or without their kids, could put things in the bottles and then duct tape the lids shut. Done.
  • Texture books
    • Shirt cardboard cut into squares and hole-punched
    • Fabric with a variety of textures
    • Yarn, kitchen shears and strong scissors, wood glue
The caregivers, with or without their kids, glued scraps of textured and colored fabric to the cardboard then tied the squares together into a book. We had originally intended to do blocks, as suggested by Library Bonanza, but we ran into a number of difficulties ranging from "the first thing 90% of these kids will do with blocks is to throw them at each other" to needing the blocks of wood for something else! So we came up with this.