Friday, July 25, 2014

We Explore Favorite Artist Michael Hall

  • Program Goals
    • Show children and caregivers different art techniques
    • Introduce children and caregivers to new authors and new perspectives on favorite authors
    • Provide a flexible program that is open to a variety of ages and needs
    • Introduce shapes and colors
    • Introduce using a ruler
    • Practice rhyming (early literacy skill)
    • 20 children and adults in attendance
  • Attendance: 21
  • Connections/Feedback: I started out with a very small group, then ended up with a lot of people wandering in at the end. The kids were younger, so we couldn't talk as much about the art as I had hoped, but I did work with one kid on using a ruler and My Heart is Like a Zoo went very well as we identified the heart shapes in each picture and talked about how they were broken up to make the animals. I wasn't able to practice rhyming with them (too young) but we did talk about shapes and colors.
  • Notes for the future
Art Project Part 1: Cutting (10-10:15)
  • I told the parents to label the kid's space with a nametag and then the kids cut their paper into a variety of shapes.
  • Supplies
    • Construction paper
    • Scissors
    • Rulers
    • Pencils
    • Nametags
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:40
  • Books
    • Perfect Square
    • My heart is like a zoo
    • It's an orange aardvark
    • Cat tale
  • Snack - graham crackers (napkins)
Art Project Part 2: Collage (10:40-11)
  • The kids took the pieces they'd cut and glued them into pictures. I also had crayons to add details.
  • Supplies
    • White construction paper (9x18)
    • Glue sticks/glue

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mad Scientists Club: What Floats, What Flies?

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage kids to think about how and why things float and fly
    • Encourage creative thinking and problem solving
    • 40 children and adults in attendance
  • Attendance: 40
  • Connections/Feedback: After I modeled questions "why do you think your plane flew that way? What would make your boat sink?" Several parents started following suit and engaging in dialogue with their kids.
  • Notes for the future
    • This is actually two programs and normally there would be an experimental portion to go with each project, but I did a special summer combination and dropped those portions. I had an idea right after we started and put tape lines and targets on the floor in front of the ladder we were testing the airplanes from and that was really good - got the kids talking/working on how to make the planes fly in different directions.
Project: Making Boats
  • Plastic swimming pools filled with water
  • Small styrofoam plates
  • Foil, wax paper, freezer paper
  • Scrap paper, cardstock
  • Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, straws
  • Tape, packing tape, duct tape
  • Scissors, rulers, pencils
  • Permanent markers
Project: Making paper airplanes

  • Paper
  • Rulers, pencils, scissors
  • Foil, wax paper, rubber bands, popsicle sticks

Display books
  • Science experiment series by Alex Kuskowski and Ellen Lawrence
  • Paper airplane guides by Christopher Harbo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take Home Bag: Grow, Grow, Food!

  • Program Goals
    • Pass on early literacy message and encourage families to continue early literacy at home
    • Encourage circulation and storytime attendance
    • Reach families who are unable to attend storytime
  • Notes for the future
    • Last used: 7-23-14
Miss storytime? You can practice many of the early literacy concepts we use in storytime at home! Don't forget to sign up for text alerts so you can make it to the next storytime!

Theme: Grow, Grow, Food!

Use the five early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, playing and writing with these books and projects!

TALK about how plants grow

Get ready to WRITE by developing your motor skills - try stringing beads and buttons on pipe cleaners

SING along with Laurie Berkner on one of her popular cds, including Victor Vito.

PLAY with your paper bag puppet

  • Turn your paper bag into a puppet by using the paper scraps, as is or cut into different shapes, to decorate it

READ some of these stories about food and the plants it comes from
  • Tea party rules by Ame Dyckman
  • Plants feed me by Lizzy Rockwell
  • Mmm...let's eat! by Libby Koponen
  • Lunch by Denise Fleming
For more library events, new books, and more, check out our website at, join us on Facebook, or talk to a librarian. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions!

Jennifer Wharton, Youth Services Librarian, 262-723-2678 ext. 14

Preschool Interactive: Yum, Yum, Food!

  • Program Goals
    • Pass on early literacy messages
    • Give children an opportunity for motor development (stringing beads)
    • Learn about plants and growing things
    • Promote pizza gardens program
    • 25 children and adults in attendance
  • Attendance: 18 + 7ish that wandered in afterwards to do the project
  • Connections/Feedback: Several kids said they really liked the flannelboard retelling of Lunch. Also had a visiting patron from Eau Claire (came with regular attendee) who said how much they enjoyed the small group and that the kids all got to participate. Connected the plants in Plants feed me to things growing in the pizza gardens.
  • Notes for the future: Forgot the marker for the garden game, but a mom handed out the pieces while I went to get it.
  • Tea party rules by Ame Dyckman
  • Plants feed me by Lizzy Rockwell
  • Mmm...let's eat! by Libby Koponen
  • Fruit Salad Salsa by Laurie Berkner from Victor Vito (opening with shakers)
  • The More We Get Together (names)
  • Garden vs. Not Garden
  • Lunch by Denise Fleming (flannelboard)
Early Literacy Aside
  • We're going to practice two sets of vocabulary today - colors and names of vegetables
Project: Beads
  • Supplies
    • Beads, buttons, pipe cleaners
  • Kids string the beads and buttons on the pipe cleaners.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer School Kindergarten: A Whale of a Tail

  • 7-17-14: I don't always go to the second session of summer school, but the teachers asked if I could drop by and I always enjoy doing this - plus it's only three classes which is nice. I just adapted this from a storytime I'm doing in August. I had my aide come to help with the craft and be the whale puppet. Which was a good thing, because I think I need to pick different books for that storytime - Here come the humpbacks was way too long and didn't hold the kids' attention and Billy Twitters was just right for them, but I always forget how much older it is and it won't work for my preschool group.
  • Billy Twitters and his blue whale problem by Mac Barnett
  • Here come the humpbacks by April Pulley Sayre
  • Following papa's song by Gianna Marino
  • Puppets/Flannelboard: I'm The Biggest thing in the ocean by Kevin Sherry
  • Die cut giant fish
  • Kids draw all the things in their stomachs, a la Biggest thing in the ocean