Friday, January 19, 2018

Come Alive with Books

This is the second four year old kindergarten outreach event that I've joined. At the dinosaur event, fall 2017, I just came with baskets of dinosaur books and was the "reading corner." I had library literacy and checked materials out to people with remote circulation.

For Come alive with books, I put together over 8 baskets of themed books, plus book lists. Each of the 4k teachers created activities and a table for their books. I worked really hard to tell people that they could check out ANY of the books in the room - at all the teacher tables, not just in the reading corner! I also told the kids at the outreach I went to in the morning that they would see me that evening. It definitely paid off! Although family turnout for this event was lower than the dino one, I had a much better individual turnout at my table.

  • Several families said they hadn't been planning on coming, but their kids said they had to go to see Ms. Jennifer!
  • I renewed cards for several people who hadn't used the library for years
  • Several more people promised to come in and get cards for themselves or their kids (I let one take books without a card - don't tell anyone!)
  • I wrote down a list of people whose addresses etc. I updated - I'll need to go over them again at work where I have access to the complete database to make sure all the details got in.
  • I checked out over 3 baskets of books - well over 50 titles!
  • I gave out a lot of library event calendars
  • About 10 people took Read and Grow (1,000 books before kindergarten) folders.
Book list handouts - I am kicking myself that I forgot to put our logo on them! Oh well, next time. Extras went with the schools to hand out later to kids and parents.

Outreach Storytime: Animals in the snow

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage library visits during the winter
    • Teach kids about animal behavior and other winter phenomena
    • Distribute handout to encourage kids to visit the library
Toddlers (*Nonfiction)
  • Kitten's Winter by Eugenie Fernandes
  • *Who has this tail by Laura Hulbert
  • Into the snow by Yuki Kaneko
  • Bunny slopes by Claudia Rueda (2018)
  • Snow scene by Richard Jackson
Preschool and Kindergarten (*Nonfiction)
  • *Best in snow by April Pulley Sayre
  • *Otters love to play by Jonathan London
  • One very big bear by Alice Briere-Haquet (2018)
  • *Bear report by Thyra Heder
  • Winter dance by Marion Dane Bauer
  • *Over and under the snow by Kate Messner
  • Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear by Monica Carnesi
  • Waiting for winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser (2018)
Long Stories (*Nonfiction)
  • Rabbit's snow dance by Joseph Bruchac (2018)
  • Mina's white canvas by Hyeon-Ju Lee
  • Loud winter's nap by Katy Hudson
Vocabulary: Hibernation, Migration, Snowflake, Weather

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Book Explosion

  • Program Goals
    • Meet the needs of kids transitioning out of my Rock 'n' Read book club
    • Offer a book club for a new age group
    • Encourage both voracious and struggling readers
    • Attendance: 5 (grades 5/6)
Introductions; How Book Explosion works
  • Open to 5th grade and up (I'm flexible about ages for this program)
  • We will be exploring a different genre each month - the kids will get to choose books from a selection
  • This is not school. Everyone gets a plastic binder (which they can decorate) and notebook paper (if they want it) but they are not required to do anything with it. Or finish their books. They can come get different ones from the selection, or additional ones if they want.
  • We meet once a month on the third Thursday in the teen area.
Book discussion and crafting time
  • I don't require anyone to talk; if I ask a question and they don't want to answer it's fine. Then again, I have to remind some people that they can't have a mini Harry Potter fan fest of their own while we're discussing something else...
  • For our first meeting we decorate our notebooks. We'll have different art/craft activities that go with each genre. And snacks. There will always be snacks.
  • September: Introductory meeting
  • October: Humor
  • November: Fantasy
  • December: Adventure
  • January: Real stories
  • February: History
  • March: Mystery
  • April: Animals


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Wigglers: Interactive Storytime

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an active program during winter
    • Offer a program on Wednesday morning that will be open to toddlers and preschoolers
    • Encourage parents to play with their children
    • Attendance: 20
  • Used 1-17-18
    • Can you make a scary face by Jan Thomas
    • Don't push the button by Bill Cotter
    • It's a tiger by David LaRochelle
    • Tap the magic tree by Christie Matheson
    • Shapes, reshape by Sylvia Borando
    • Jump! by Scott Fischer
  • Additional titles
    • Press here by Herve Tullet
    • Clap your hands by Lorinda Cauley
    • Touch the brightest star by Christie Matheson

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Messy Art Club: Painting and all the variations thereof

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage creativity and problem-solving
    • Allow children to experience different art products and styles
    • Develop fine motor abilities
    • Attendance: 35
Basic Painting Supplies
  • Finger Paint
    • Large popsicle sticks
    • Paper plates as palettes
  • Regular paint cups
  • Paint brushes, paper
  • Wipes, paper towels, sink
  • Plastic tablecloths, aprons
Notes: Be sure to save one table for finished creations, be vigilant for spills, and encourage the kids to think outside the box. I don't usually wash out the brushes but just toss them because life is too short.

Evaluation and specific painting programs