Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bookaneers: Setting sail on the sea of books

Bookaneers is actually my private homage to China Mieville, but I am not going to tell the 1st graders that.
  • Program Goals
    • Meet patron request for more programs, specifically book clubs, for younger readers
    • Collaborate with school reading specialists to meet the needs of struggling readers
    • Encourage kids to build reading skills and enjoy reading!
    • Attendance: 5 kids
4:30-4:35: Introduction
  • Have kids make name tags, explain how Bookaneers will work, remind them that everyone reads at different levels and we will be reading books about lots of different things and that a parent or friend can help with reading if needed.
4:35 - 5:15: Discussion, craft, snack
  • Pass out notebooks and bookmarks to decorate if it's the first meeting, discuss what books they like and why and what their favorite things are. Otherwise, crafts and talking about our books!
5:15-5:30: Booktalks, Voting
  • I booktalk each book and have them vote on which one they want. I started initially printing the sheets, but went to drawing them on the chalkboard b/c it was too much paper.
  • If it's the last meeting of the school year, they each get a book to take home to keep.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Paws to Read: Winter Reading Program 2015/2016

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an all-ages winter reading program
    • Offer a program over winter break
    • Keep kids reading through the slower months
    • Participation: 40

Who can participate? All ages, toddlers to teens

How does it work? Kids take as many reading challenges off the bulletin board as they want. When they're completed, they put them in the box by my desk. Each Friday I draw names (which are posted on the bulletin board and Facebook) and those kids get to pick from the prize box.

We have a casual "party" at the end - usually just some crafting and a few extra prizes.

You can find the reading challenges here - both in pdf and a zipped file.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Messy Art Club: Embossing

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage creativity and problem-solving
    • Allow children to experience different art products and styles
    • Develop fine motor skills
    • Attendance: 35
Project: Embossing foil pendants

I got this idea from Make and Takes. We pretty much did it exactly as it said and it was very popular.

  • Foil
  • Pasteboard strips and cards (donated by artist)
  • Wooden styluses (originally bought to us with scratch-art and worked great for this)
  • Permanent markers
  • Yarn
  • Tape, Scissors, scratch paper (to put under while coloring)

  • 11-19-15
    • Attendance: 40
    • Feedback/Connections: Some regulars and some folks I hadn't seen in a while, plus a handful of middle schoolers
    • Notes: This was VERY popular. We haven't done a new project in a while and this was easy and kids and parents loved it. Remember to have disinfectant wipes to get permanent marker off the table. Lots of people wanted to take the pendants as gifts, so maybe a wrapping station?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Wigglers: Obstacle Course

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an active program during winter
    • Offer a program on Wednesday morning that will be open to toddlers and preschoolers
    • Encourage parents to play with their children
    • Attendance: 30
  • Evaluation
    • 11-18-15
      • Attendance: 35?
      • Notes: This was very last minute and we just had the bouncy maze and lots of bubble wrap and the foam to jump on. I'm revamping this next year. A lot of people showed up though, b/c I did toddlers yesterday and advertised it.
    • 2-4-15
      • Attendance: 22 (morning)
      • Connections/Feedback:
      • Notes: I didn't finish planning this until the day before, so I didn't have time to pull all the active books for display that I wanted. I also considered borrowing hula hoops next time and doing some scavenger hunts in the picture book area. It took about an hour, with two circ staff helping me, to set everything up so I left it all up most of the day to get the full use out of it! I had expected a much bigger group, but we had a snowstorm last night.
I set this up with four main activity areas.
  • The Airfield
    • This was set up in the large open area in front of the children's desk.
    • Sign on easel - welcome to the airfield, decorate your planes and take off!
    • Tape runways on the floor
    • Cardboard boxes and shape stickers
  • The Bouncy Maze
    • This was set up in between the juvenile nonfiction shelves
    • Instruction signs "Welcome to the bouncy maze follow the instructions and get your wiggles out" and I added book covers of interactive books to the sign.
    • I made a whole bunch of signs with instructions and pictures of different activities "jump like a frog" and "clap 5 times" etc. I had about 20 and then a set of colored dots to jump on. These were taped to the floor.
    • I also had bubble wrap and two big pieces of foam to act as trampolines, which I put at the beginning.
  • The Construction site
    • This was set up by the windows. I pushed the tables and chairs to the sides.
    • I put out all our blocks here and a sign asking to keep them in that area.
  • The Baby Corner
    • This was the storyroom. I moved the tables and chairs back to leave a large, clear space.
    • I put out the sensory blankets I made and the baby toys (NOT the ball pit)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November Outreach: Tales and Tails

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to folktales
    • Complement school curriculum focusing on folktales
    • Distribute handout to encourage kids to visit the library
  • That's good, that's bad by Aliki
  • The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett
  • The little, little house by Jessica Souhami
  • The sacred banana leaf by Nathan Scott
  • The great race by Nathan Scott
  • Sausages by Jessica Souhami
  • No dinner by Jessica Souhami
  • Foxy by Jessica Souhami
  • Footprints in the snow by Mei Matsuoka
  • Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs by Mo Willems
Cultures introduced
  • Indonesian, Scandinavian, Jewish
Remote Collections
  • Folktales, Winter/seasonal, Thanksgiving/holiday