Friday, October 24, 2014

Are you ready for....the long haul? Wimpy Kid Party

  • Program Goals
    • Offer a program on a no-school day
    • Bring school-age kids into the library
    • Market collections (Wimpy Kid read-alikes)
    • Build a backlog of book/character parties for use on Friday afternoons
    • Attendance: 35
  • Evaluation
    • 10-24-14
      • Attendance: 20
      • Connections/Feedback: A lot of younger kids. Attendance on no-school days is really spotty, so this wasn't an unexpected number and not that bad considering. Everyone had a lot of fun and tried everything. I'm going to use some of the fill-in quizzes and the add to a comic project for a display next month.
      • Notes: Life happened and I didn't plan this until the last minute. I've also (true confession) never actually read the books. I'm more of a Big Nate fan. Next time I'll get stronger toilet paper because I realized I didn't need as much. I decided to add the movie at the last minute and that was good because it took the kids a long time to warm up and get moving.
Stations and Activities
  • Create your own diary
    • 8x5 white construction paper
    • Construction paper
    • Handmade paper (leftover)
    • Markers, scissors
  • Cheese Whiz Quiz
  • Manny Cereal Toss
    • I got this from Tiny Tips but I had the kids make their own cereal boxes
    • Construction paper, scissors, tape, markers
    • Toilet seat and recycling basket
    • Masking tape (for the floor)
  • Long Haul Games
    • I printed out word games etc. from previous event kits and suggested kids come up with their own car games that Greg might play.
  • Toilet Paper Wrap Race
    • I got this from a program on the ALSC blog.
  • The Big Screen and munchies
    • I had Dog Days playing just for extra noise and I put cookies out and a small circle of chairs
  • The World's Longest Comic
    • I came up with this myself. Hold the applause please. I had my aide draw a really, really simple comic on a long strip of paper and taped it to the wall, then invited kids to continue the story.
    • Paper, pencils, scissors
  • Book Display
    • I pulled a few books from everything BUT Wimpy Kid - a sample
      • Big Nate
      • Dork Diaries
      • Ellie McDoodle
      • Stick Dog
      • Dragonbreath
      • Bean Boy
      • Amelia Rules
      • Babymouse

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2nd Grade Community Walk

  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce kids to the library
    • Introduce kids to the functions of library staff as community members
    • Reminds kids and teachers that the library belongs to the community
    • Promote school/library cooperation
  • Evaluation
    • 10-22-14
      • Attendance: 4 classes total, 2 groups, approx. 90 kids, 8 adults
      • Connections/Feedback: Lots of kids I knew, but this tour was different enough from the 1st graders that it was mostly interesting. They got very excited about the new books they saw back in technical services and one kid wanted to know if they could go back there and look if they came back later!
      • Notes: Thankfully, the 1st grade classes coming up this year are smaller - this was the combined total of 5 first grade classes and might actually have been closer to 100!
    • 10-13
      • Attendance: 3 classes total, 2 groups, approx. 60 kids, 6 adults
      • Notes: I had a more organized/specific program this year. Next year there will be 4-5 classes of second graders, so the groups will be bigger.
10-15 Minute Tour
  • Start upstairs at director's office - the mom or principal of the library who makes sure we are all doing our jobs, organizes the budget, and tells people in the community what the library is doing.
  • Adult services office - like the children's librarian, but for grown-ups.
  • Downstairs to the information desk - a place to ask librarians questions.
  • Circulation desk - staff check out books, put them where they belong, keep the library looking nice, remind you to return your books, etc.
  • Children's desk - my job and a reminder that there is only one of me, so if I'm not at the desk they can go up to the front.
  • Technical services - talk about what the cataloger and processor do.
    • Where do new materials come from? Who pays for them? Why do we have to share?
  • Back to circulation workroom and my office and through to the storyroom
10-15 Minute Craft and Storytime
  • We sit down and read 1-2 stories, then the kids decorate people who are important in their community. If anyone finishes early, they can sit down for more stories. Some kids are a little confused about the community helper concept and we usually end up with a number of ninjas. I don't know what their role in the community is. The kids leave their people here and I put them up on the wall.
  • The Fox in the library by Pauli
  • The Book that eats people by Perry
  • The Midnight Library by Kohara
  • A library book for bear by Becker
  • Backup books - Chester trilogy by Watt and Cats by Schwarz
  • die cut gingerbread people
  • markers

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Outreach: Autumnal Animalia

  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce kids to animal behavior, specifically seasonal (migration etc.)
    • Introduce kids to seasons
    • Complement school curriculums focusing on fall
    • Distribute outreach brochure and encourage children to visit the library
  • 2014 Notes
    • TLC Thursday class 1 (4K) (13): Really loved Tap the Magic Tree but Eat like a bear was too long and I read it near the end and I don't think they really heard any of it. They did like Those Darn Squirrels even though they were wiggly.
    • TLC Thursday class 2 (4K) (13): I need to figure out a different layout for the kids to sit - they sit around the edge of a square rug and I'm in the middle but the ones on the edges can't see and squish themselves in closer and closer until they're falling over the other kids.
    • TLC Thursday class (3s) (12): Found out today this class does not have 5 or 6 kids - it has TWELVE. I just keep hitting them on a low day. They got really into Kitten's Autumn but less so into Tap the magic tree. I had a better mix of younger stuff and activity rhymes today but still came up a couple minutes short (partly b/c certain people were being Naughty)
    • Tibbets Tuesday class 1 (Kindergarten): I came in late due to another program so I skipped the opening and just ran through a couple things quickly. I tried Eat like a bear but they were crazy wiggly and didn't want to listen.
    • Tibbets Tuesday class 2 (Kindergarten): Most of the kids like Tap the Magic Tree and singing their names first helps because I can randomly call out names to come up and help.
    • Tibbets Tuesday class 3 (Kindergarten): This class was crazy, as their teacher warned me. I did manage to fit in Round Robin and The Book that eats people.
    • TLC Wednesday class (4K): 
  • Awesome Autumn by Bruce Goldstone
  • Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
  • Every Autumn comes the bear by Jim Arnosky
  • Rainy, Sunny, Blowy, Snowy by Jane Brocket
  • Tap the magic tree by Christie Matheson
  • Those darn squirrels and Those darn squirrels fly south by Adam Rubin
  • Eat like a bear by April Sayre
  • Round Robin by Jack Kent
  • The book that eats people by John Perry
  • Kitten's Autumn by Eugenie Fernandes
  • omnivore
  • hibernation
  • migration
Remote Collections
  • TLC - Fall, animals, harvest, pumpkins, apples, migration, Halloween
  • Tibbets - (I am starting a remote collection with one class) - fall, animals, harvest, pumpkins, apples, Halloween

We Explore Favorite Artist Eric Carle

  • Program Goals:
    • Introduce Eric Carle and his art
    • Encourage gross and fine motor skills (ripping, painting)
    • 20 children and adults in attendance
  • Evaluation
    • 10-21-14, 10-29-14
      • Attendance: 3 classes of 1st graders (approx. 20 kids, 2 adults each)
      • Connections/Feedback: This was as much about connecting with the teachers as the kids. I want to expand my reach with these programs and get more classes to sign up for them, so it was a good start.
      • Notes: I really need an associate. I've been borrowing other staff and this was especially fraught on the 21st because it started at 9, so I had to come in an hour early, and then ended at 10, when toddler storytime started and I had to leave asap for a different outreach group. With older kids it goes faster - we had plenty of time at the end, which was good because on Tuesday I forgot the snack! I can spend more time on the initial painting I think.
    • 1-31-14
      • I revamped this to make it a series of programs, once a month. I used apples instead of grapes this time and also had some bananas. 
    • 5-10-13
      • Attendance: 20 people (14 kids)
      • Notes: I have been getting very small groups for the non-performer We Explores, but this was a very nice size - 20 people, which means about 14 kids. I think this is a perfectly reasonable size for our population and for the type of program this is. Everyone LOVED it and I think this was my most successful non-performer We Explore yet. 
Art Project Part 1: Painting (10-10:15)
As the kids come in, they get aprons and start painting. I remind everyone to write their names at their spots, not to paint too thickly and pass out paper towels to blot the paintings. I just used a couple colors. Then we blotted them with paper towels and left them to dry. This takes about 15 minutes. I start gathering the kids to the rug for storytime after 15 minutes, but latecomers continue painting.
  • Paint (red, blue, green) 
  • 8x11 white construction paper 
  • paint brushes, paper towels, aprons 
Storytime/Snacktime (10:15-10:40)
I start with the Very Hungry Caterpillar puppet and book. After this interactive story, I ask the adults to hand out the snack and we read more Eric Carle books. Depending on the audience, I talk about animal sounds, counting, coloring techniques, imagination, texture, etc.

  • Very Hungry Caterpillar (puppet program) 
  • The Very Busy Spider 
  • 1, 2, 3 To the zoo 
  • The artist who painted a blue horse 
  • teddy grahams or animal crackers
  • sliced apples
  • Dixie cups and napkins 
Art Project Part 2: Collage (10:40-11)
Everyone went back to their paintings and cut them up, then glued them onto the paper to make collages. More paper towels may be needed for things that are not quite dry.

  • 8x12 white construction paper 
  • Scissors, Glue 
  • paper towels 
Display: Eric Carle books

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mad Scientists Club: Wind Science

  • Program Goals: 
    • Experiment with the science of wind/force/gases
    • Encourage creativity
    • 35 kids and adults in attendance
  • Notes for the future
    • 10-16-14
      • Attendance: 18
      • Connections/Feedback: One few family - grandmother who takes care of kids didn't know we had this program every Thursday and will be coming again. The weather suddenly turned gorgeous and our book drop was overflowing, so people were clearly dumping everything off and taking off to sports etc.
      • Notes: More balloons! I could also use a more sturdy ladder.
Project: Paper Airplanes
Create paper airplanes. Launch from ladder. I put marks (with tape) on the floor so they can measure how far they go and hit a target

  • Paper (construction paper, scratch paper)
  • Tape, scissors
  • Ladder and masking tape for the floor
Experiment: Hot Air/Cold Air
I got this from Read Sing Play. The kids put a balloon over the mouth of an empty bottle. Put in very cold and then very hot water and the balloon inflates.

  • Plastic water bottles
  • Balloons
  • Pitchers
  • Hot and cold water
Experiment: Wind Play
I also got this from Read Sing Play. It's just a fan and straws and you practice blowing things - how far can you blow, which blows faster the fan or the straw, etc.

  • Fan (large and small)
  • Straws
  • Streamers (ribbon, crepe)
  • Miscellaneous things to test
  • Paper airplane books
  • Science experiment books